The Under-Appreciated Value of Journaling


Returning From Our First Stelzl – Platinum Inner Circle Coaching Meeting

Ft. Lauderdale FL.

I just returned from meeting with some of the members of the Stelzl Platinum Inner Circle and coaching group we run for our top clients – focused on scaling-up technology businesses.  One of the big takeaways (to my surprise) was the value of journaling…

The Journal Topic – a Big Hit This Week

I don’t know how many people actually keep a journal, but I’m always surprised to find, more have journaled at some point in their life than I would have imagined.

I started this practice years ago (1984 to be exact) when someone pointed out to me how many great historical figures adhered to this practice. Then, after having faithfully continued this practice through my career-building years, a neuroscientist explained to me why this is so important.

It would be impossible to do his explanation justice here in this simple blog post, but the bottom line seemed to be (at least what I got out of it) that our brains are always trying to make sense of life, and mental health has a lot to do with our brains properly and completely processing struggles – or what he called types A and B trauma (things you should have had but didn’t and those things done to you that create pain). When he says “trauma,” he’s not just talking about major life upsets…sometimes it’s just a lost deal, loss of a job, or some hurtful thing said to us.

The journal process then takes these traumas through 4 stages of the right-brain until a story emerges – a point where the brain can make sense of it all, at which time the event is understood by our logic center in the left brain.

He encouraged me to think through the challenges in life and business, relationships, successes and failures, etc. And then write about them…what would someone outside the situation see and hear if they were to observe me in this situation. What would it be like if they really understood the situation and were there to walk me through it? What would be said, what counsel would be given?

One of the coaches I work with in my business directed me to go through a similar process over some business growth related things I was thinking through. They encouraged me to focus on the issue I was dealing with daily for two weeks…and two weeks later, I came back with some major revelations…looking back, that year brought some major business breakthroughs! It was so simple – just working the process. At first it seemed almost like a waste of time but in the end it brought major change without much effort at all.

Time to Execute

Like all business conferences, you only benefit from those things you actually implement. Whether it’s stopping something you were doing (maybe someone else should be doing it, or it doesn’t really need to be done), or putting a new process or practice in place, all the great things that come from training, coaching, and seminars only help when you take them home and do them.

Our week is over…the next step is execution. I’m an implementor. When I leave a conference or coaching group, I go home with notes, ideas, and to-dos. I can’t do it all. I know that. So often on that last day I’ll take time to summarize what I heard, pick 1 or 2 things to do, and start working on them.

These small steps are what has allowed me to start and build a business, now running strong for 16 years.  My hope is, my coaching group members will return to business this week and implement!  The journal idea stood out to many of them – several had done it before, but lost sight of it. It’s a simple thing, takes little effort, and is highly effective. People like Benjamin Franklin were avid journalers.  More importantly, they were executors.

Look back at some of the great ideas you’ve heard over the years from coaches, seminars, experts…books you’ve read. Are there things you promised to start doing (or maybe even started) which you are no longer doing? Things you knew would make a difference but stopped when life got busy? What 1 or 2 things can you start up again in 2020 to make this a major growth year?

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