The Spartan Super – The Ultimate in Team Building!

Teamwork! Bethany, Josiah, and I Teamed Up This Past Weekend to Run the 8 Mile Spartan Super (25 obstacles and lots of mud)!

Check out this video as Josiah, my 16 year old, scales the wall, after trudging through the first half of a super muddy 8 mile trek, with about 12 obstacles like this one…we’re pretty wiped out at this point. I’m next over the wall, and as I watch my son (who’s got the height advantage over me by a couple of inches) I honestly don’t think I’m going to make that first part with no foot holds… Good news, with much encouragement from my team, I did it!

And yes, we finished the race without injury!

Copyright, 2019 David Stelzl



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