Outrageous MSP Transformation Using Security – My Recent Keynote Summary

Did You Miss My Session at IngramONE this Week?

Here’s a summary of my session – the key points here are…

MRR is IMPORTANT – it’s the foundation of stable profitable business…

The PROBLEM is, everyone has an MSP provider, and going to market with the typical MSP message (we’re better, faster, etc. than everyone else) puts you smack in the middle of a commodity business

Building MRR –  Selling MSP (Whatever you want to call it)…requires something special, and that special urgent thing is security (In fact, all MSP business is security business at some level)…

But, if you really want to grow your MRR with security, you need an assessment….but not just any assessment

Everyone out there needs an assessment, and 95% of the end-user audiences I address in any given year haven’t had one…Why? They don’t know they need one…so not only do you need an assessment, you need a message compelling them to have one…(and the one I am using has converted 100% of the audiences I’ve spoken to this year! – WAIT, this is a real number? How can this be true?  Contact me and I will share the real data with you…it’s real).

Finally, the assessment doesn’t dissolve your current MSP business…in fact, it converts the prospect and opens doors you’ll never open without it …doors that upsell and cross sell everything you have…

Want more? Here’s my assessment template free! 


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