What Makes A Great Customer Facing Event?


Why Host Live Educational Marketing Events?

Everyone Needs Security – Not Everyone Knows It.

This week, Allegiant (Sponsored by WatchGuard and two local companies representing legal and insurance services) hosted an educational event for customers and prospects – with a focus on cybersecurity… (Kansas City).

Whenever I speak at these events, my first question is, “Who’s here and how serious are they are about security?”

It’s predictable at this point, having done so many events like the one we did Wednesday…

  • Business leaders are primarily focused on their business, not security.
  • Understanding security (at a business level) is something they want…
  • They’ve not had any kind of risk assessment in at least 12 months…
  • They’re current security is poor to horrible…
  • And they have no idea if they’ve been compromised, are losing from internal misuse, error, or theft, …
  • And they are not prepared for any sort of cyber-disaster…

The obvious next step – Assessment… The assessment does two things. First, it shows the business leader what they’re exposure looks like. Second it compels them to do something about it.

Bryan Dancer, CEO of Allegiant, and Speaker David Stelzl, CISSP

This week’s event concluded with Allegiant’s generous offer to assess – looking for symptoms of compromise…it’s not the full blown assessment, but a great start in the right direction for any company attending.

How many people agreed?  All of them – 100% of these business leaders came to the same conclusion, “We need this”. 

How are you engaging new prospects?  They don’t need more product knowledge, information about your firm, or a deep dive on how security works or who’s been hacked. They just need to know why they need an assessment and how to get started. If there is a problem, the next step will be obvious.

And that is how you drive new security business…everything else follows the security-door-opener.

© 2018, David Stelzl

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