Finally, The House & Cloud Audio Is Live!

September 13, 2018 — Leave a comment

HC MP3 CoverPeople have been asking for Years – Finally, We Have The Audio Version… The House & The Cloud…

The only book written specifically to technology providers on how to sell security…


***** NO TIME TO READ THE POST?  …. “Just point me to the Audio Book…”


In 2007, after traveling around the world (more than once) doing Security Sales Mastery Training Classes – Live, I wrote the book.  Actually, I wrote it on the plane.  Flying over 150,000 miles some years, I had lots of time, and writing the book was my dream…

I first got the bug to write a book in 6th grade – Mr. Haar, my teacher assigned us the task of writing a book over the course of  the year. We watched a film (8mm) on the process – the example, an old man going to the sea to study crabs and other shell fish… pretty boring….

My first book featured a family lost at sea on their 25ft cabin cruiser…

I think I made it to page 25, lots of edits, and then just got tired of the whole thing.  Years later, I met a guy who’d written two books.  When I met him, I thought to myself, this guy doesn’t look that smart, how ‘d he write two books?…then he said it, “I know what you’re thinking, I don’t look smart enough to write a book…” Guess he’s heard that before…

Well, he showed me how…and it wasn’t all that hard once I understood the process.  Of course Amazon (Create Space) has taken a lot of the labor and cost out of it…

Fast forward 7 Years – The Second Edition

If you’ve seen the old green cover book, or have the digital version (which is version one)…toss it… Seven years after writing my first book, I’d learned a lot, not just about selling security, but about what a book should look like, feel like, read like…and I rewrote the book. It’s a complete rewrite.

However, I also know you don’t have time to read…(Although everyone should be reading a book a month)…enter, the Audio Book!

I love audio books! I listen in the car, on the plane, and when there’s just too much noise in the car traveling with the family…

Get more info here – and finally get through the book you’ve wanted to read but just don’t have time to read…

© 2018, David Stelzl

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