The Fastest Way To Get Started With Video Marketing…

Interviews – The Fastest Way to Start Marketing With Video…

Face it, video is the media people consume. There’s so much to read online,…people can’t read it all.  Yes, I still write posts.

When there’s something requiring detailed instructions, lists, etc. you want to write it so your readers can follow it…

Video anything that’s more story line-like…In a recent workshop I led (on getting more assessments booked) – Prospecting Secrets, I talked about mixing media to attract new clients – email, hardcopy, video.  Video is powerful – it’s time to start using it.

However, if you’re just getting started, you might not feel confident doing your own program / video on YouTube…so try an interview.  Here’s an example – Ron Cousins (Sr. Partner and Founder of NowX) shares his insights as he poses questions about small business cybersecurity trends to me, his guest speaker/ author…

These types of videos are easy to produce, offer great content to your target market, and allow you to create associations with industry experts, executives, authors, and anyone you can land an interview with – without having to carry the entire program…

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