Turning Lunch & Learns Into High Conversion Events – In 5 Simple Steps

canstockphoto20076792The goal of your event is conversion.

Most companies won’t see any ROI from their marketing efforts, and will find it harder and harder to acquire Joint Marketing Funds simply because they can’t close – they don’t convert.

1. Your Speaker and Topic Are Key!

The speaker’s job is to set people up for an emotional response.

If your event topic deals with predictable needs, you have the exact scenario described by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson in their book, The Challenger Sale.

A teaching session targeting a known need, that demands a response…

Speaking on security, for example, hits business leaders where the trends are headed, reveals a major security problem they most likely have, and moves them to action with urgency.

At the end, you leave them feeling vulnerable…needy…unsettled.

2. Move Your Audience to Actio


Your goal is to CONVERT TO ASSESSMENT…every attendee if possible. 

NOTE: Get my assessment template herehttps://davidstelzl.net/free-report-download

When I speak at these events, my keynote is designed to bring them to the point of agreeing that it is at least worth taking a look. And it is!

If I’m not your presenter, this all still works! Just don’t skimp on your speaker.

You need someone with authority who will move your audience forward. You can always add an extra 15 minutes on the end of the session to personally deliver (e.g.) The House & Cloud analogy, with 5 minutes to sign people up.

I always end my session by urging the audience to assess their risk…it’s not optional.

Like letting cancer go, a security issue left unaddressed may lead to business failure.

3. Your the Host – Be The Expert

As the seller of security technology and services, you are the expert.

You’re company is all about addressing the world’s biggest IT need – nothing is more urgent in IT than gaining back control from cybercriminals.

Treat it like CANCER… “If we don’t do something now, you can expect costlier, and ineffective government oversight. Not to mention lawsuits, loss in market share, loss of jobs, and the loss or misuse of your most important asset – DATA.”

From this point the conversion should be easy. Assume they want your help – understand they can’t do it without you.

4. Use My Well-Tested Closing Script

“This is important stuff Dave! We’re seeing evidences of the things you’re talking about in many of our accounts.

Times are changing – cybercrime, espionage, and hacktivism are all growing trends. These attacks are highly sophisticated and persistent, as David has shared with us. Our goal is to stop this type of activity, or at least minimize it as much as possible.

As a start, we’d like to help you by offering an initial assessment. This is not an ordinary internal and external scan like most assessments offered today. We’re looking for symptoms of what David is talking about.  While we can’t do a complete review of your entire IT infrastructure, we can look for evidences of foul play and compromise. Like an initial blood test screening, using our unique assessment process, we can often pick up signs that tell us if further investigation is needed or if there’s an obvious problem.  

The problem with cybercrime is that it’s often hidden – undetected and unaddressed before it’s too late. It’s like a cancer that emerges suddenly – with little recourse. Most of the security companies out there are missing the things David is taking about because they’re looking in the wrong places. If everything looks good, we’ll recommend you periodically review your systems for these same evidences. If we find something, we’ll bring it to your attention with some recommendations on what to do about it.

It’s complementary – so it won’t cost you anything other than some time.

I have one of our representatives at each table. We realize you probably don’t have your schedule in front of you. If you can just give us a feel for what day of the week generally works best, and if morning or afternoon is better – we’ll contact you by phone and walk you through the process. It’s pretty simple and non evasive. 

I would encourage everyone here to make use of this offer – it’s the next step in making our country more secure against cybercriminals.”

5. Apply These Strategies to Your Conversion Process

  • AGREE: Start by agreeing that the talk was eye-opening. Show concern for your attendees. Your passion will move your audience to action.
  • Avoid tech-talk. Your attendees may ask more about how the assessment works – avoid answering. The last thing you want is to commit to something, only to find that they are not a qualified candidate. Tech-talk will only reduce your conversion.
  • Don’t use the word – FREE. This is not free…it’s complementary. In any other situation you would be charging for it. In fact, put a price on it…”Normally we charge $5000, however…”
  • Set a Goal. Your CONVERSION goal is at least 50%. Each table head should be striving to move 100% of their table. That means asking each person to sign up. Don’t just pass the sheet or mumble the offer.
  • Follow Up! Make sure you really follow up. You have a few days to reconnect – do it while the emotion is high. The actual assessment should take place within 3 or 4 weeks.

Copyright 2018 – David Stelzl

PS. Make sure you have the assessment template! Visit our assessment page to access it: https://davidstelzl.net/free-report-download



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