Ready for 2017?


Happy New Year!

One important thing I do every year is remember those who have allowed me to come this far…Who can you thank for helping you get to where you are today?

Last week we celebrated the completion of our 13th year in business!

During our dinner we took time to honor those who God has brought across our path to enable us to be here today.  Included in that list are:

  • My wife and kids who encouraged me to start this business in 2003.
  • My father, an entrepreneur who encouraged me from the start and has offered much sound advice along the way.
  • My daughters who have diligently worked alongside me over the past decade – sometimes without pay in our start-up phases.
  • Fred, a small business owner who encouraged me to leave an IT Director role – to move to the technology provider side.
  • Kemper, a reseller business owner and our first client – landed in early 2004. He is also the one who introduced me to my biggest client today!
  • Bill, an entrepreneur who encouraged us to restructure our offerings to make them scalable and user friendly. His advice was key to building the global training business we run today!
  • All of those in the Mastery Coaching Group, Peak Performers, and Insider’s Circle who entrust their business growth in part to us.

I’m sure there are others that should be mentioned. Take a moment before the New Year begins and thank some of the people who helped you get to where you are today…

© 2016, David Stelzl


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