How Resellers Are Preparing for a World Without Product


Budget Cuts and Cloud Just Might be The End of Product Growth As You Know It

So What Can You Do to Prepare?

Like any habit (and box pushing seems to be a habit among many sales reps) the first step to freedom is admission.  I’m out at  INGRAM ONE in Las Vegas this week. In case you’re not here I thought I’d pass on a few secrets to get you pointed toward profit – 2017 is just around the corner.

Are you ready?

Expect more budget cuts, less momentum to upgrade, more migration toward cloud. WSJ is event talking about more IT automation to get rid of the people. Expect commoditization and most of all expect…

Your Business to DECLINE over time unless…

You have something new to keep your clients interested and buying. What?

This week I’m talking about beating budgets with security. It’s just one problem you need to solve. Getting someone to part with hard earned dollars (especially small business owners) can be brutal.  But not impossible…

I met with Truman (one of our Peak Performer Members) for dinner last night. His recent lunch & learn converted 100% to an assessment. Now he’s doing the assessments. Is it working?

It is! 100% conversion so far. (Find out how – the STEPS are in The House & The Cloud)

He’s just getting started but he is doing it right. People question his bold move to security. Regardless, his hunch is paying off. He’s already covered his cost of sales, his event costs, and more. The big question for you right now is…

What Do I Do As Product Sales Decline?

Do you become a cloud provider? Go into software development and create better customer experience for your clients. Or is security the right road? The big hurdle will be sales, not technology.

Getting your product strategy in line is important, but getting your sales team retooled is essential…and painful.

I’ve already said it, product is a habit and a bad one. How long will it take to transform? A little longer than you think.

Today might be a great day to set a meeting with yourself to work on the 2017 business plan. Consider three things.

  • Do you have the right solution strategy (one your clients will continue to need and be willing to pay for),
  • Do you have the right people to sell and deliver (sales being the big question).
  • Are your business processes (including sales and marketing) working and helping you grow?

From there you need to know your value proposition….I’ll discuss that more in my next post.

© 2017, David Stelzl


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