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If People Aren’t Responding to Your Message Keep Reading…

Technology Providers Need to Refocus If They Want to Help the Businesses They Serve

Last night I spoke to my church congregation on the  topic of security. That’s right, at the church. Some were in business, others were students, homemakers, or retired. They listened, asked questions, and commented after the talk that this was truly helpful. My hope is that  they left with some very practical steps to take to reduce their personal risk and exposure online.

The truth is, everyone is interested in security when it’s tied to their personal stuff. No one is interested when it’s about technology, with the possible exception of the IT person trying to enhance their resume.

Are People Calling You to Hear Your Message?

If you’re newsletters, blog posts, and website are littered with technical jargon, chances are no one is responding. But put a business or personal message in front of your prospects and they’ll tune in. Security is magnetic.digital Money Cover

Last week I was in Montana, speaking to small business owners in the small town of Helena. Not only did people come, some drove from the remote parts of Montana to hear this message. And at the end of my session, Information Systems of Montana was kind enough to offer their guests an assessment, just for attending. 90% of them said yes!  For an entire hour they were engaged, not checking email, but taking notes.

This month I’ve been invited to address business owners in New Orleans, deliver a large conference keynote in Miami, and speak to a CPA association in San Antonio. Why? Because people want more – they want to know what’s going on and how it affects them.

What’s Your Message?

It’s time to evaluate your message. Security and customer experience are likely the two most important topics out there when it comes to technology. If you write software, you can help people on the customer side. But if you’re working on managed services and infrastructure, you need security. Not just any security – focus on the trends and how they relate to the people you work with.

Remember, your prospects are building businesses. They’ll be using technology to create efficiencies and value. As they move forward, their security needs will be changing, and they’ll need advice. The person with answers will be in demand.

© 2016, David Stelzl


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