Computers Know More About You Than Your Spouse

networkThe Power of Data Aggregation

It’s All Part of Your Global Computer Profile


Don’t like the term PROFILING? Well, whether you like it or not, we are all being profiled.

In my new book, Digital Money (due out this summer – 2016), I uncover some of what is actually happening out there as your’s and my data is tracked, sold, aggregated, and used for both good and bad…put in the wrong hands, this can damage your business and personal life.

Your Car Knows More About You Than You Know About Your Car!

Take cars for instance – the new cars are just computers on wheels. This morning’s WSJ explains that your car (if you drive something fairly new), is collecting data. It knows (and records) where you go, how far you drive, how fast you drive, and even how much you weigh!

That data alone may not matter much to you…but there’s more.

What About Your Personal Life – How Personal Is It?

Data Aggregators are largely unknown companies that buy data from anywhere they can get it. Facebook, stores you shop, Google (sites you search or use), all of your purchases – in line-item detail, and anything that can be found online.

As examples, “Statlistics” – a company headquartered in the northeast, advertises lists of gay and lesbian adults and people suffering from bipolar disorders. These people may or may not have disclosed their alternate lifestyle, yet the computer knows, and is willing to sell that information to the right buyer.

Another one, “Paramount Lists” sells the names of people with alcohol, sexual, and gambling addictions as well as people desperate to get out of debt.

“Exact Data,” advertises lists of people who had a sexually transmitted disease, or who purchase pornography and sex toys. This data comes from stores and sites you browse or shop on.

Your data is collected and sold as another revenue stream – and you can assume that all of the stores you use, do this. That data, aggregated and analyzed against all of the other things you do, allows deep machine learning computers to predict, guess, and profile all kinds of things you had no intention of revealing. And it’s more accurate than you might think.

Security Is More Important Than Ever

Data importance is growing – and with it comes a much greater need to protect it! Are you in the security business? It’s the one major technology area that is not commoditizing…

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