Bad News For Symantec! Open Doors…

SymantecAre You Selling Norton Security Products?

Symantec used to be one of the top security software companies in the world. They might still boast some big numbers and well know clients, but this week’s report is one more major blow to what was once regarded as a top player.

One headline I saw reads, “If you use a Symantec or Norton product, now would be a good time to update.” And they’re not talking about upgrading to the next rev. They’re recommending you move to another brand.

Another headline reads, “High-severity bugs in 25 Symantec/Norton products imperil millions.” Yikes.

Symantec software contains vulnerabilities that potentially expose both small businesses and large enterprise, “to self-replicating attacks that take complete control of …your computers,” according to an article linked to yesterday’s WSJ CIO Section.

News like this has the capacity to take a company down. You might want to rethink which security products you are recommending.

© 2016, David Stelzl



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