Are You Ready For Voice Computing?

phoneSoon Siri Will Be Booking Rides on Lyft and Uber…

What’s Next? Phones That Don’t Require Push Buttons?

Digitalization and Software Disruption…two thing you’ll want to keep in front of you over the next 12 months…Apple’s recent announcements, to actually make Siri do something useful are intriguing.

That with self driving cars and the promise that I might be able to book my next Uber ride without actually touching my phone is pretty exciting.

I’m hearing things like, with the next major release of the iPhone operating system I can simply say, “Order me a Lyft” and it will happen magically. Siri will control Apple TV, send email, make calls more effectively, and more.

But it’s not all Apple – it’s the beginning of a new era of computing. We’re all working on phones and tablets now – mobile, on the go, etc. But the keyboard is just too small. And typing takes too long – especially when the sun in shining and you’re driving a stick shift.

Does this mean it will become more common to shout out commands rather than type? Can I sit between multiple computers and just tell them all what to do for me? Can I cut my email reply time in half somehow? Or reduce the number of administrative people required to run an office? Get my mower to go out and cut the lawn without me?

With Google’s Voice Search and Google Assistant the next step is for my computers to predict what I need and respond with context when asking for information or trying to make a decision.  And then there’s Alexa – from Amazon. Right now it’s all just an expensive way to set timers, check the weather, or play a song.  I’m looking forward to the day these devices will pay my taxes.

© David Stelzl


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