Florida Club Shooting – Does Security Work?

The Florida Shooting – the Worst We’ve Seen So Far

But It Will Get Worse If The Right Actions Aren’t Taken

As I write this blog, I am aware that this is a sensitive issue. People’s lives have been destroyed here, and there’s no easy way to sooth that pain.  It’s tragic.

But in each of these mass shootings (and they seem to be gaining momentum here in the states), government officials start reacting and wrong  thinking drives us deeper into a hole.  In most cases, they’re all missing the root problem.

These are all Security Issues -And When Security is Broken People Get Hurt

Omar Mateen represents just one of hundreds or thousands of individuals who have bought into the ISIS lie.  Another Omar could be anywhere – perhaps even living next door or attending your Church or school, waiting for the right moment to take action. And they don’t have to belong to ISIS. There are all kinds of extremist groups and gangs that aim to hurt and kill. It’s a growing problem.

The FBI tells us, “Omar is an example of precisely the threat that has consumed the agency: The self-radicalized American.”  So how do you stop the next Omar. There’s no easy – but security principles, done right, can help.

Wrong Thinking Prevails

For some reason, few understand how security works.  Just yesterday I was talking with a client about his home security. He thought he had it right, but in two minutes he realized he was completely helpless if someone were to invade his home.  That’s the case with most homes, nightclubs, Churches, schools, etc.

Should we clamp down on freedoms?  

The U.S. could become more like China, closely monitoring what people read and do online. Is that the right approach? Give your freedom away, and you won’t get it back (wrote Ben Franklin).  The FBI, in today’s WSJ report – “Orlando Shooting Plays Into FBI’s Homegrown Terror Worries” all but says Omar was recruited by the Internet.

Maybe there’s too much freedom online.  If we head down that path, there’s no telling what the government will allow over time. China doesn’t permit content that goes against the government’s agenda, preferred religion, etc. I don’t think we want that kind of oversight. There must be another way.

How about stamping out the First Amendment? Should we stop people from expressing their opinions, or speaking out against something they don’t like? Our country is quickly heading that way. Suddenly everything is a hate crime. Perhaps your beliefs don’t fall into this category, but at some point they might. Years ago men were killed for wanting a Bible written in the common language. That same type of oppression could come back to bite us all in whatever area is important to you.

“The U.N. Rights Chief Decries Insufficient Gun Control”, reports Associated Press. Really? Will throwing out the 2nd Amendment fix this problem?  If you think Omar needed a local store and permit to get a weapon, think again. If he couldn’t find a black market assault rifle (and I am sure he could have if he wanted one,) he would have made a bomb out of fertilizer.  You can’t get rid of drugs, human-trafficking, black-market firearms, or counterfeit money.  Even the guys in prison have access to these things.

The truth is, no-gun zones are prime targets for killers. In most cases there is no response plan in these locations.

So How Did This Guy Get In?

Great security is always a matter of real-time detection, real-time response. Back to The House & the Cloud. If someone breaks into your house tonight – let’s say a couple of armed gang members, will you know it? Will your alarm go off?

Let’s say it does. Then what?  Will your alarm monitoring company call 911.  If you have one, they will. Will the police stop any mass shooting at your house? The answer is no. The last time my monitoring company dispatched the police it took them 20 minutes to arrive. The average shooting happens in about 11 minutes according our local SWAT commander. But they’ll be there to take the report and investigate.

I’ve read numerous reports on this Florida incident. It’s horrible.  There’s no other words to describe it. But none of the reports I’ve read talk about how this guy got into the club. Did he hide the assault rifle under his polo shirt?

He was detected – but it was too late. He was in the club, armed, and prepared to kill. Detection has to happen at the perimeter. A response plan must execute immediately. Last week North Koreans allegedly hacked into the SWIFT system.  They too were detected, but not until $81 Million Dollars had already been taken.  Again, it was just too late. Slow detection, slow-or no response, can keep anything safe.

Taking away First and Second Amendment Rights will not fix this issue. Better detection, at the perimeter – or before, with a strong response plan, is the only security that works.

© 2016, David Stelzl



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