Are You Welcoming New Clients?


NewsProCoverMaking Your Client’s Feel Welcome

Just Might be The Easiest Way To Establish Value Quickly

One of my clients recently joined NewsletterPro – The newsletter service I wrote about a few days ago.  When he signed up, they welcomed him.

First step – getting Shaun Buck’s Book.

It’s free – but when you order it, he welcomes you. His handwritten letter (which is, of course, a copy) comes to you with a bright orange package.

He’s ships two-day to make sure you get it while you’re still thinking about it. Right before it arrives, he sends you a video, explaining what’s in the package and why it’s important.

When y0u actually commit, he then sends you a bunch of potatoes from his home town in Idaho!  Pretty cool…

From there he spends time on the phone understanding your target market, and builds a newsletter just for you.  Meanwhile, you are receiving his newsletter monthly, even if you didn’t actually buy. It’s part of his marketing program.

The Welcome Letter

Like the newsletter, the welcome letter is important, and should be printed. When a client enrolls in your managed services program, send them a letter – here’s what to include:

  • First, you need a letter. The letter should start out by restating their need. Why they need you in the first place. Security would be a great start – if they don’t watch out, ransomware will hit them.
  • Your letter should then transition to how hard it is to run a business, and stay on top of security as well as IT overall. Technology is more than computers and networks. It’s the thing that will allow these companies to be the next…but who in their company understands how to make that happen? No one.
  • Next, your program.  You’re here to help – you’ve been building your program just for this type of need, for the past X number of years. You’re ready to jump in and help them move forward.
  • There should be some sort of roadmap – a guide to take them through some steps to achieve something. Perhaps they need compliance, better security, or something else. Your company’s value proposition belongs here. Let’s say it’s security. You know your client needs better detection and realtime response. Your guide shows them the 6 or 7 steps you’ll be taking them through to get them to where they need to be.
  • Help their people get started – I recently worked with one of my clients on a booklet for all end users.  When someone signs up, all end users get a booklet – page one gives them clear instructions on how to get help FAST!  Following that are some instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.  For instance, your computer is encrypted by ransomware – what do you do?  They also have a section on keeping your systems running and performing. They’re not highly technical things – rather end-user related.  Finally, they include tips on keeping data secure. This includes using phone apps, etc. Very practical.

Take a look at your welcome process. Consider putting together a package that surrounds your new client with love and keeps them thinking about you and your great service for years to come.

© 2016, David Stelzl


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