Don’t Pay The Ransom – Then What?

fbiThe FBI Says, Don’t Pay The Ransom.

So Now What Do You Do?

It’s sounds right – if you pay the hacker, they’ll be back tomorrow for more.  

Yesterday’s WSJ article, “FBI Cyber Division Chief Advises Companies Not to Pay Ransom for Release of Data”, recommends that companies not pay the ransom.  It goes on to state the backups are the solution.  That’s WRONG THINKING.

Back up’s are important. No doubt.  Lose your data and you’re likely out of business.

But if you work with any large IT operations, you know first hand that a full restore on several to numerous systems means an inordinate amount of downtime.  Your customer’s can’t do that.$1 HC Book Ad

Of course, not having access to encrypted data for several weeks or indefinitely, is also not an option. So what do you do?

You Can Detect Ransomware in Many Cases – But Traditional Firewall Technology Won’t Do It.

The hackers can always get in. But the truth is, there are many detection strategies out there, from more advanced UTM firewall technology, to SIEMs, and various flavors of sandbox technology that will detect and stop bots, including ransomware, from installing or spreading.

This is the time to be setting up briefings like the one I did yesterday in Richmond Va. to discuss this threat.  No company is safe, and small business is specifically a target, along with healthcare, and many other’s we’ve seen hit this year.  The business leaders are interested in this one…

It’s time to stop selling a general “Security Message” and get specific.  This one threat is worth your customer converting to a managed security offering – and better security at the OS and Application levels.

© 2016, David Stelzl


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