Ransomware, The Perfect Introduction to Business

fbicomputerDo you sell managed services?

Can You Protect Your Client’s From Ransomware?

The fact is, ransomware is doubling year over year, and this year looks to be a high growth year for this gnarly beast. Last month things changed when Hollywood Hospital forked over $17,000 in bitcoin to the perpetrator. It would seem that they had no choice. But look what’s happening…

It Used to be That Ransomware was Targeting the Small Businesses

Today, LA Times reports two more hospitals hit this past Friday.  “Chino Valley Medical Center in Chino and Desert Valley Hospital of Victorville, both part of Prime Healthcare Services Inc., had their computer system compromised on Friday by a cyber attack,” according to the article.$1 HC Book Ad

Fred Ortega, a spokesman for Prime Healthcare, acknowledged the attack saying, “Nothing was paid and no patient or employee data was compromised.” And according to this report, neither hospital has paid.  However, ransomware is not designed to compromise data – instead it just locks out the doctors. Can these hospitals recover?  We won’t know for at least a few weeks… but my guess is, they won’t get their data back. And even though the FBI does not recommend paying, they probably need their date back. It’s fine for the FBI to say, “Don’t Pay!”, But the FBI doesn’t have a problem…

MSP and Security Sales are NOT About Your Product

MSP and Security Sales are about protecting your clients from unexpected events. The fact is, most of your prospects think they are okay. But when ransomware hits it will hurt. It’s time to educate business leaders on what’s happening out there. While the story is probably not news to them anymore, the likelihood that they will be hit is.  That’s your edge. If you can show them why it is likely, and help them measure their preparedness, you might have an opportunity. My guess is, you will.

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