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NewsProCoverWe’ve Re-engineered Our Newsletter…Why?

How Many People Are Reading Your Newsletter? And How Long Does It Take To Write It?

What about yours? Do you have a monthly newsletter?  Chances are you do. You might even have a blog. Does anyone read your letter or your blog?

If you’re selling technology or IT Management,…or security, I’m talking to you.

When I started my business over a decade ago, I had a newsletter…it took a lot of time, and my sense was, no one was reading it. After several years, and during a transition to a new CRM system, my SUBSCRIBE list was accidentally deleted. It seemed like a good time to abandon the newsletter – so I did.

About two years ago, around the time I started up the SVLC Insider’s Circle I was prompted by a business coach to get back on the letter. So I did.

I started with electronic – but the truth is I never read electronic newsletters, so I started questioning if anyone does. It turns out, at least most marketing experts agree, that few will open an electronic newsletter and actually read it.  Print is easier. It arrives as one of the only mail pieces that is not truly junk mail, and sits on one’s desk.  But will anyone actually read it?

It depends…

I’ve been writing my newsletter for two years and printing it most of that time.  However, after reading Shaun Buck’s book on Newsletters…my mindset is completely changed!

I read his book in two days!  

And yes, my newsletter needed a facelift. If you’re in one of my programs you’ll receive my newsletter this week.  It’s completely different – and my hope is, it’s interesting.   Shaun encouraged me to reformat, change the content, and change just about everything I thought was right about my old style letter…

Either way – I want your feedback…we think it’s great, but do you?  If you won’t read it, we need to change it more.

But I also want you to have Shaun’s book, and you can get it for Free (Free shipping too) right here:

© 2016, David Stelzl



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