Too Much Technical Training – Not Enough On Sales

mathEvery Vendor and Every Distributor Has Their Training Program – But Does This Lead to Sales?

You Need to Know Your Products…But You Need to Know Sales Better. 

The lack of great sales training is evident in this industry.

I guess it’s a carry over from the 90s when people called us to buy stuff. The demand was so high we couldn’t keep up.

That’s no longer the case.

There a tens of thousands of resellers for any given product, and all vendors compete with numerous other vendors…either direct competition or replacement offerings.

The other theory is that sales is something you don’t teach. The idea that Great Sales People Are Born, not Made…that’s just not true. Looking back on the early days of IBM you’ll see program after program to build an unbeatable sales team.

If you’re in sales – it’s not a numbers game.

Nor is it simply trying harder or being born with the right skill set.  Sales has a lot to do with buyer psychology and the science of marketing. Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you – this headline outperforms a similar one because of one word, a different color, or different art. It might even be the placement of the text or art. Everything seems to matter.  Sales is no different.

Over the past ten years I’ve used the Security Sales Mastery Program to train sales people on sales strategy, marketing science, and value proposition. It’s NOT product training. It’s sale training with a focus on risk mitigation – the worlds most powerful motivation to buy.

Some Important Concepts If You Want To Grow Sales…

CONVERSION: Conversion rates are your thermometer.  If you’re phone calls, for instance, are converting, you must be doing it right. But don’t assume a 1% conversion is good.  It might be that phone calls are not the best way to initially reach a new prospect.

DIFFERENTIATION: If you aren’t different, you’re competing on price. Many manufactures will tell you their product is better – it’s different. The truth is, this never really works.  Differentiation must be based on something truly different – something they can’t get somewhere else. Your technical expertise is probably not that much different than the next companies. If you think it is, can you prove it?

VALUE PROPOSITION: Value to a decision maker is measured in business terms. It might be efficiencies gained, a return on investment that can be measured, risk mitigation, or a competitive advantage. Every sale should be tied to one of the 4. If it’s not, you’re probably competing on price. Turns out one is more effective than the other three.

ANNUITY: If your sales don’t drive into a recurring revenue model (Software maintenance, managed services, hosted services, etc.) you’ll be starting every quarter at zero. Ultimately this leads to the “Rat Race” described in Robert Kiyosaki’s best seller, Rich Dad Poor Dad. A book worth reading if you want to build wealth.

© 2016, David Stelzl

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