Instead of Sending Thousands Of Emails

Hannah-BookHow Many Unread Emails will You Write This Year?

What if You Put Those Words Into a Book

This week two of my family members did something important.  First, my daughter Hannah (age 23) published a book! Second, my father – and often a business advisor to me, sent me an article on email marketing.

In the article, the author tells us how many thousands of words the average sales person will write in a year, in the form of email. Most of them will go unread.

While the email article is more about how to change your email, the book is what I am really interested in.

Looking back over my own marketing efforts, the book has absolutely been my best marketing effort.  Mine (The House & The Cloud) is 275 pages. My daughter’s is slightly less. This may sound like a lot, but if you added up all of your unread emails, you might be close.

What would happen if you decided to write a book?  Several things…

  1. First, you would be seen as an authority on something.  Right now, if you sell, and don’t have a book, people probably treat you like “a vendor”.
  2. You would be forced to do some research – at least if you wanted your book to have some real content.  Once the research is done you really do speak like an authority.
  3. You would have one of the most powerful sales letters on earth. It’s so much easier to followup with a phone call to discuss your book than it is to talk about your company.
  4. You would be forced to organize your knowledge…Napoleon Hill, in his book, The Law of Success points out that wisdom is power.  But then defines wisdom as organized knowledge. He goes on  to say that, disorganized knowledge does not bring change, but organizing it into something that is really useful brings real change (or lasting solutions) and that is powerful.
  5. You would have one of the most effective business cards possible – something to hand out at events and networking functions. Something that converts to business.

Is it possible? My 23 year old daughter (who I think is pretty awesome) did it…and if she can do it – I believe many of you can too.

© 2016, David Stelzl

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