What’s Your Conversion Strategy?

secureworldSecureWorld – Charlotte is Next Week

What’s Your Conversion Strategy?

Whether its a sales call coming up, trade show, lunch & learn, or channel summit you’re attending – do you have a conversion strategy? Most people, when they book a trade show, or set up a lunch & learn mark it on the calendar and wait for it to happen. This is poor planning. Speakers do the same thing. Book a gig, write it on the calendar, and then go about their other business. $1 HC Book Ad

Conversion Strategy should be top of mind.  Whatever your next social interaction is, get a conversion plan in place. Yesterday, on a coaching call, I asked a sales rep about his upcoming lunch & learn…”If I were a CIO attending, what would our next step be? What’s the conversion strategy?” His answer was the norm – not sure.  This is typical because we don’t naturally think about conversion.  Perhaps is sounds too salesy. But it’s important.

Two weeks ago I was attending Check Point’s Sales Kick Off.  As soon as I locked in the trip, I was meeting with my team to put a conversion in place. With limited time, and knowing how busy everyone would be at the show, we created a very simple plan.

New Business Cards!

That’s right, we decided to create extra large business cards (About 3 by 5) with my contact info and a $1 book offer for The House & The Cloud. Knowing everyone would be handing out standard business cards, I wanted something that would stand out with a direct marketing offer on it.

Did it work?  It did….I got people’s attention. People laughed when I pulled out my giant business card, but I also connected with people that might otherwise have tossed my card in a pile of trade show materials after the event.

Next week I will be speaking at the Charlotte SecureWorld Conference…I have just one week to put my strategy in place…showing up without one would be a huge mistake.

Copyright 2016, David Stelzl

PS, If you missed getting my card at the Check Point Event, try clicking on the HOUSE & CLOUD ad above…



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