Failure Can Be The First Step To Success

IMG_3846Listening to Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success

It’s Day Two at Check Point’s SKO 2016 Meeting in Nashville. Pictured here is Gil Schwed, CEO of Check Point Software.

This morning I was listening to Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success book while doing my 5 mile morning run. Great insight on failure…

I didn’t realize that he wrote this material on the heals of some big mistakes that left him penniless.

He goes on to say that, “This Material (the course or book) has produced enough money to keep me out of financial trouble for the rest of my life.” He simply took 7 major life failures of his own, compiled all that he’d learned through these failures, and put them into a course to help others avoid the mistakes he had made.  In this chapter of the book, he is talking about how we should embrace failures as they often lead us to new revelation, if we look for the hidden lessons in the failure at hand.

He’s right – looking at my own mistakes, I wouldn’t be here in this business (which I love) if it had not been for some major set backs in 1999.

© 2016, David Stelzl




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