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marriottThe Security Opportunity In Chicago

Last night, thanks to Check Point and Tech Data for their sponsorship,  I presented some of the most important information for a reseller’s future success…adding security to the MSP program.

The response was clear – MSP business is a commodity, if you don’t have something more than, cost reduction or greater efficiency as your value proposition. I spoke with one sales manager after the program – his company is fairly new in security, but their initial reaction from their customers and prospects makes it clear that this move is necessary. If you want to grow your business, start with security – everyone needs it, it’s urgent, and it creates a long term value proposition as you move your clients to manage their risk.$1 HC Book Ad

Check Point followed my presentation with a compelling message – the need to add the detection elements at the perimeter, but also on all end-nodes; especially tablets and phones.  David Wheeler,  the local SE for Check Point, demonstrated a simple hack on his phone, which then recorded everything he said for the next five minutes. There was no indication the phone had been hacked. In fact, the screen was dark – it was just sitting on the podium. He then launched an app from his laptop which replayed his comments. Not only that, it gave us all kinds of information gathered from the phone including personal details you would not want broadcasted to the world! What if this were a financial review meeting or strategy session in one of your client’s conference rooms?

Several people left with plans to get more involved in security – a great first step would be setting up your next lunch & learn to educate your clients and prospects on these trends. My book, The House & The Cloud provides the talk-tracks you need to take your client through the Impact vs. Likelihood risk discussion, The House & Cloud message to show them they are at risk, and an assessment process (on page 194) that will build the undeniable justification you need to move forward into remediation projects, product sales, and longterm managed security contracts.

© 2015, David Stelzl


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