The House & The Cloud Birthday

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The House And The Cloud Could be the Start of a New 2016 Business Strategy!

The House & The Cloud – 2nd Edition, is almost 1 year old. Just one year ago I was working on the final touches to get it out by January 1. And I did…

Since last January, this book has been a tremendous success…People all over the world have reported back amazing results.  On the other hand, I know there are a lot of people out there who have the book, but you just can’t seem to find the time to get started…so here are a few pages you should check out before year end:

  1. Pg. 194 – 199.  If you’ve been on a Security Sales Mastery Coaching Call with me, we’ve probably looked at these pages. On 194 I present what executives need to know. This is how I start just about every lunch & learn I speak at. The pages that follow describe a simple, yet unique approach to assessing security. Try it!
  2. Chapter 13. This is the message that is converting over 90% of the attendees at the lunch & learns I am speaking at. The truth is, just about anyone could master this presentation. You don’t need me – it’s all right here. (Of course I’d be happy to speak at your next event either way.)
  3. Pg. 107 – All data requires some level of security. But that level changes over time as data goes through it’s lifecycle. I find this simple model helpful in explaining to managers how data gets compromised and why they need a new mindset.
  4. Pg 119. Decision makers only spend money on 4 things. If you are presenting any other message, you are selling on price. On page 119, not only do I show you the four things, I also prioritize them. One of them leads to the fast possible close, and one is almost useless without extensive training on your part – so forget it.

And there’s a lot more…the point is, anyone selling technology, managed services, security, or anything related to data, should read this book. So I’m making it easy – if you don’t have the book, get it right here (For a limited time only). Click the ad above and I’ll send you one for just $1.

P.S. Happy  Thanksgiving!



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