Gameover Zeus – An Important Cybercrime Update

zeusHave You Heard of Gameover Zeus?

If you’ve encountered Cryptolocker – it’s just one of many attacks that have come out of the Gameover Zeus Gang.  But the story is just now unfolding. The Gameover Zeus Gang refers to itself as The BusinessClub.  Their botnet has been one of the most destructive forces in cybercrime over the past few years – focusing on espionage, bank account sifting, and ransomware. Small and large businesses have been impacted – this is important! Rather than rewriting all the details, there are two ways to get more insight on this:

The FOX IT Report on Gameover Zeus

Read two reports – Krebs on Security does a nice job of summarizing.  The Fox IT report contains more details, and looks to be the primary source for Krebs.

The Fox IT Report  << Click Here to Access it

Brian Krebs Summary Report  << Click Here and Consider Subscribing

Interview: Get The Inside Scoop on Gameover Zeus

On August 11th, I’ll be interviewing former NSA Agent Summer Worden – who has been collaborating with investigators on this major crime break over the past several months. Summer Worden is the founder and chief executive director of Filly Intelligence LLC, an advisory firm focused on applying an intelligence-based approach to secure enterprise vulnerabilities using military cyber and intelligence best practices.  Ms. Worden is a 13-year veteran of the U.S. military and Intelligence Community (IC).  During this time she served as an operational intelligence officer in a variety of leadership roles; her positions held within the IC were served at both the field level and at the heartbeat of our nation’s highest authority for strategic national intelligence. Her strong competencies within sensitive intelligence operations were recognized when she was selected to lead one of the five operational teams of the National Security Agency (NSA). These five teams serve as a direct asset of the Director of the NSA, and their mission delivers 24-7 national support for critical events and clandestine operations across the globe.

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