The House & the Cloud In Print!

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The House & The Cloud In Print!

Happy New Year!  And yes, The House & The Cloud, Second Edition is now in print!  It’s available on Amazon…here’s what you can expect:

  • First, the message. The House & the Cloud message is more relevant than ever.  I’ve used this same messaging for 15 years and it still works. Sometimes we get tired of our own message before the market does – but last year over 90% of my lunch & learn attendees heard this message and signed up for an assessment at the meeting.
  • This book is longer – however it’s easier to read. There are 275 pages vs. the old 150 page version….however, I’ve shortened the chapters making it easier to look up things after reading it.  I have also added details to clarify how to sell larger security deals as well as managed services.
  • Of course there’s the cloud – when I wrote The House & the Cloud, “Cloud” as we know it today did not exist…neither did big data, or BYOD…this version is up to date and relevant to your business right now…
  • Speaking of managed services, I invited a strong MSSP company to participate in this edition – So you’ll find content directly from someone who has done it – Steve Rutkovitz (President of Choice Technologies) and one of his senior sales reps wrote the chapter on building the MSSP business – you won’t want to miss this.

Free Resources Online…

Personally I like to read books printed on paper – however there is a place for video and audio. So as part of the book, you’ll have access to some great online resources. I’ve posted recordings of live security sales training using this material… as well as a keynote using this same message to convert over 60% at a lunch & learn in Tampa, FL.

You’ll also find several videos on using assessments to drive larger project business as well as managed services.

Finally, there is a place on my House & the Cloud website to ask questions and get input as you apply these concepts.  Buy the book and you’ll get a link (printed in the back of the book) to access this and more.

So as you get started with 2015 – I recommend reading The House & The Cloud. I guarantee it will give you a new perspective on how to access new accounts, discover their most important needs, and solve your client’s biggest problem.

© David Stelzl, 2015


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