What I Learned Working on Multi-Million Dollar Projects w/ PWC

Do your clients refer to you as a vendor or their advisor?

A couple of weeks ago Cisco announced a large cut coming up; about 6000 people. This includes sales people! As I mentioned in my post, What Skills Should You Invest in Right Now, this is not a sign of a shrinking technology market, but rather a lack of effort on some people’s part to stay relevant and valuable to the companies they work for.

There’s a lot of change out there, and there are a lot of things to keep up with…it’s not easy to be on top when you work in a field that changes every day. Nothing we do today looks anything like the technology I went to school for (Computer Science). We were just getting off of punch cards, working with 8″ floppy disks, and the Internet was strictly research and government.  There was no World Wide Web, Smart Phones, or even Laptops!  (I did have a Mac 128 in 1984).

Next week on 9/11 I’ll be presenting some important stuff as part of my From Vendor to Advisor programs. You might already have my book, From Vendor to Advisor, or perhaps you’ve attended my workshop, “Making the Move From Vendor to Advisor.” Either way, I have some exciting announcements coming up – and next week I’ll be sharing some great material – Lessons I Learned While Working on Multi Million Dollar Projects w/ PWC.”

If you know my story, in 1995 I worked with three other guys to start a very successful reseller business in the Southeast.  Many of the things we did were born out of this Multi-Million Dollar Experience. I called it The Accenture Alternative…

So two things you can do:

Join us for the upcoming Webinar Training <<<Register Here

Once Signed Up, I’ll send you my New Special Report on Making the Cut, and a link to view the session. If for some reason you can’t make it, you will still want the report, and I promise to send a replay link!

Looking forward to it!


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