How to Access Decision Makers With Video

The Power of Video Marketing

How many executives will watch this video vs. your standard corporate presentation?

This is the infomercial…while it’s not direct marketing, it does advertise Deloitte in a powerful way. Prakash is the expert here, talking about relevant things to executive management, that directly relate to the services his organization provides. And they have a link to it in the Wall Street Journal!

This is a sales person marketing. Anyone can do this. Whether you work for the SMB reseller or the nationwide firm. Chances are your marketing department is not doing this – but any sales person can create a YouTube interview on the fly. I’ve done many interviews like this with my clients as a way of reaching out to prospects. They’re easy to create and more interesting than your company Power Point.  Why aren’t we doing more of this.

Sales people need to learn how to prospect…I have a great new training program coming up on this subject on August 12th. It’s free – but you need to register to get a seat.  I’ll be discussing some great new strategies like this one – strategies that will help you attract new prospects and convert them to customers quickly. This is especially easy in the security and managed services space.

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A Few Things to Notice About This Video…

1. Prakash is a security guy – I don’t care what technology you sell. Security has the power to enhance your value proposition, attract executives, and put you in front of other opportunities because it’s urgent.

2. Notice Prakash’s use of sound bites! I talk a lot about sound bites and how to use them in The House & the Cloud – And in the 2nd edition, due out shortly, you’ll find an entire chapter dedicated to this topic. There’s more to it than you might think – but there’s power in using sound bites correctly. Just listen to the number one radio talk show in the world. Whether you like Rush Limbaugh or not, he’s got a following you can’t touch and he knows how to use sound bites.

3. Did you hear the word DETECTION? In The House & the Cloud I argue that detection is the missing element in most organizations. It’s not just detection – but a detection that provides intelligence. Several of my clients are in the business of selling security intelligence to the enterprise.  But every company needs it…I believe this will be central to the future successful technology provider – especially in the managed services business.

4. Finally, who is the host? Prakash opens, thanking her for inviting him to be on the show.  But who is she? The point is, it doesn’t matter. It could be FOX or CNN but it’s not. You don’t need CNN to do this. You can do it right in your office or over Google+ Hangouts as I have done in several recent interviews.

Don’t forget, we’ll be talking sales strategy in my all new upcoming online training on August 12th. Make sure you have a seat!

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