WebinarJam – New Cool Technology to Boost Your Sales

WebinarJam Offers A Great New Way To Reach Prospects

Are You Spending Two Hours in the Car Just To Explore?

That’s what I heard today while on the phone with an SVLC Insider’s Circle Member – two hours to the nearest city, many times just to meet.  No sale opportunity and a wasted trip.

It’s frustrating, but IT directors will take a meeting, letting you drive two hours, one way, knowing full well they don’t intend to do business with you. Another frustration is conducting expensive lunch & learn meetings at a high-end steak house only to get a room full of techies with no money and little influence.

Over the past half year I’ve been using Google+ Hangouts to meet with people.  Some are one-on-one coaching sessions, others are demand generation events, and a third is for group coaching sessions with the SVLC Insider’s Circle – a private forum I host for sales and marketing professionals in the IT Technology Industry.

It’s been a great platform.  You can have people inside the meeting for private intimate discussions, but you can also broadcast to thousands without paying a for a thousand seats – kind of like being on TV.  The one drawback is your ability to interact and gather contact info.

WebinarJam changes all of that.  Rather than explaining the whole thing – there’s an excellent video presentation overviewing the system – see the above video…(visit my blog if it won’t play in your email. )

Don’t miss this – it’s not just cool technology. The video they’ve put together is an excellent marketing piece. One we can all learn from.  Consider how you can use video and WebinarJam to attract more prospects without making the drive. Then, once you have some qualification going, feel free to make the drive to pick up a signature.

© 2014, David Stelzl

P.S. Pick up a copy of my recently published Special Report on Converting those you meet online into customers.



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