Helping Clients With Heartbleed – While It’s Top of Mind

heartbleedThis is the time to Schedule The Heartbleed Briefings…

Heartbleed is big news. For a week straight, The Wall Street Journal has been writing about it.  Are you leveraging this news – taking full advantage of the opportunity to help your clients and visit with prospects?

In my Making Money w/ Security Training Program I explain how to go about leveraging “The Briefing”. This is a powerful way to get into new accounts and move up in existing accounts with news and a clear, concise explanation of exactly what this is, as well as how companies should be responding to their clients.

Here are some ideas on how to do it.

Create the Executive Level Explanation – The Analogy

Last week, I happened to have scheduled a Lunch & Learn just a few days after the Heartbleed was announced. It was the perfect time to be meeting. In fact, several more people signed up to attend this meeting, probably thinking they would get some more insight on what this is all about.

How many executives really understand what OpenSSL and TLS is all about? Probably not many. Imagine being a C-Level leader in a business that uses the web extensively to interface with customers. It might be a lending organization, investments, or retail. Whatever it is, if your servers had the problem, you owe your customers an explanation.

Last week, 100% of the executives attending our lunch & learn signed up for an assessment. I wonder if Heartbleed had something to do with it. In my talk I went through the House & Cloud analogy from my books, Data@Risk and The House & the Cloud (which I am feverishly working to update this month!). This type of explanation works because it brings life and concrete understanding to a very complex subject of protocols that, otherwise, is just too hard to comprehend without going back to college for a computer science degree.

The person who can take the details of protocol handshakes and encryption, and turn it into simple, visual analogies is worth a lot of money.

What about Executives that Refuse to Take Your Calls?

We all have a list of executives we would like to get in front of, but who have not made themselves available. This is the perfect time to get their attention. What do you think a CIO would do if they received a FedEx package with a DVD titled, “The Executives Guide to Heartbleed?” Would they hand it to their IT department?

I’m thinking they would watch it!

What if it also demonstrated your unique value and had some stories and examples along with some practical steps executives should be taking to keep their online customers happy? This might be just the thing to help create a relationship at the adviser level.

Something Better than Another “Company Overview” Session.

If you’ve already tried getting face-to-face meetings, or perhaps are afraid to call into the executive offices because you have nothing interesting to say, this could be the ticket. This is interesting. If it’s not, it’s simply because you don’t understand it. This is the kind of thing that deserves working overtime to create books, DVDs, briefings, and any media that can make its way into the executive offices. Don’t let this moment slip away.

© 2014, David Stelzl

P.S. Attend my upcoming briefing on how to leverage this!  We will be covering this in more detail, with assessment ideas and more, Thursday this week at 4 PM ET in a Webinar. Anyone registered with the SVLC Insider’s Circle will be receiving Login Details.  Join us by signing up for a FREE trial membership – CLICK TO GET A FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP TO THE SVLC INSIDER’S CIRCLE – AND ATTEND MY BRIEFING ON HOW TO LEVERAGE HEARTBLEED and MORE…





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