Rebuilding The House & the Cloud

House_Cloud_CoverThe House & The Cloud – Reloaded

I think just about everyone in the technology business has read The House & the Cloud at this point.  I wrote it in 2007, and have had it on my website as a free download PDF for years, as well as on Amazon and other online stores for sale.

I’ve also had workshops on this material running for the past ten years with groups as large as 50 students attending online. Many of them have been sponsored by a number of software and hardware vendors including; Cisco, Symantec, Kaspersky, and Check Point. I’ve also been able to hold hundreds of private workshops on location, ranging throughout 5 different continents, and in more companies than I can remember.

And best of all, people regularly email or call me to tell me others are “stealing my stuff” and presenting it as their own.  This comes mostly from channel managers, but even a recent vendor executive keynote reportedly used my book as the basis for his presentation.

All this to say that the little green book, written back in 2007, was a hit.

Well, I’m taking it off my website in a month or two, and replacing it with a brand new, completely revised edition.

What to Expect From The House & the Cloud

This past week I interviewed Randy Sklar, President of Sklar Technology Partners.  In our 30 minute interview, he referenced The House & the Cloud about 30 times. In fact, he had just used the process described in the book to land a very large managed services deal. In his interview he talks about how his company went from a simple PC shop, called Computer Corner, to a full fledged SMB Security Consulting Company.  We’ve trained his people on the process through my coaching program and the online Making Money w/ Security and Managed Services Tool set, and as reported, it continues to work for him.  He’s been using it for over eight years now.

The House & the Cloud Has Nothing to Do With Cloud

While the concepts are still right on, the technology has changed.  When I wrote the book, perimeter security was still in vogue and there were not BYOD projects going on. Cloud, while in use, was not a prominent technology being adopted by enterprise companies like it is today. Dropbox hadn’t yet been conceived, and social media people where still talking about MySpace. No one had a smart phone, and BIG DATA was still called data warehouse.

The updated version will address all these technology areas!

Stay tuned! There will be more on this coming.  I’m excited to be working on this. I often joke when people comment on the book, that I haven’t personally read it.  Now, while I teach the concepts in my workshop often, its been years since I’ve actually picked up the book.

The thing I am really excited about changing, which I’ve already changed on the PDF version, is the amateurish green cover! Why I thought that was okay, I don’t know.  But 4 books later, I realize it’s ugly.  At the time, I didn’t think of doing my own cover. I did personally draw the cartoons in Data@Risk, and have designed my own covers for both Data@Risk and From Vendor to Adviser.

If you have any suggestions for the new book, please pass them along soon. I am committed to getting this done promptly.

© 2014, David Stelzl


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