7 Secrets for Attracting New Clients

3 Part Video Series

This important video series was recorded for my private Insider’s Circle Group earlier this week…it’s part of a three part series, covering secrets of Attracting New Clients.  In it I explain why most reseller marketing programs demonstrate very little in the way of return on investment (ROI), and why sales people have such a difficult time finding new clients.

This first session starts out by reviewing what business leaders are really looking for – but more importantly, some significant changes in technology leadership thinking that come from a recent Gartner Group study.  Failing to recognize these changes could make a lot of your prospecting efforts fruitless in the coming months.

I also share some simple changes you can make to your social media use – that will actually get Social Media working for you – multiplying your efforts to find new opportunities. 

The second and third videos in the series cover 7 secrets that will attract new prospects and clients – these ideas are unique and specific.  The reseller world is not doing what I am recommending here – but those who have done this are reaping the rewards.  It’s a simple strategy – you’ll wonder why people don’t already do these things…but the fact is, they work.

And you can hear all three instantly, on my new Private Forum – part of the SVLC Insider’s Circle – gain access for FREE right here…(Click here to learn more about it).

© 2014, David Stelzl


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