Business Leaders In Chicago Agreed that Security Needs Constant Reviewing

Speaking to Business Leaders on Security

What to Expect in 2014, and What to do About it!

We had a great response yesterday from business leaders in Chicago.  Thanks to Paragon Micro, a nationwide solution provider, McAfee, and Tech Data for hosting this informative event.

My keynote focused on what to expect in the coming year with security, as companies adopt new technologies. This comes just before an alarming  report from The Wall Street Journal telling us that security has moved from #1 to #8 on a list of CIO priorities – even in the wake of Target and Neiman Marcus!  (I’ve posted more on CIO’s concerns in my Insider’s Circle -which you can access right here if you are a solution provide or technology vendor).

The important point here is that, while CIOs are focusing their efforts more and more on the strategic side the business, the security architecture has to change!  Developing better customer experience with collaborative technologies and social business tools, or equipping a mobile workforce for BYOD and more flexibility to be their “Own IT”, are the trends of the day – but with every one of these decisions come a change in security policy, training, and technology.

At the end of the event every attendee agreed that an assessment to identify some of the stealth attacks I discussed, was needed.  This is a great step in the right direction – but it can’t stop here.  Companies really need to be moving toward continuous assessing and the deployment of detection tools to keep data safe.

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