Marketing Your Managed Services in 2014!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s just about 2014…and I’ve been working hard this month to put together some new things for the coming year. One of the most exciting things I’ve completed is my Completely re-engineered Marketing Success Kit, specifically designed to help you land new business in the managed services, security, and operational efficiency areas…

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Marketing Managed Services

What is the most effective way to market managed services?  Over the past year I have conducted dozens of live marketing events to help resellers position their managed services offerings.  This is by far the fastest way to gain access to the right people, and to build the right kind of justification.

As I’ve stated in my book, The House & the Cloud (FREE) – managed services is always a risk sale.  When you try to demonstrate ROI, you often end up giving your services away for less than their worth, or losing the deal to a lower-cost provider.

Managed services is almost always purchased by people looking to reduce risk – in order words, it should be positioned just like a security solution (assuming you position your security solutions as a way to reduce risk.)

Simply put, managed services allow a company to maintain an acceptable level of risk.

Marketing and Live Events

This toolkit is not for everyone – it’s specifically designed for those companies that plan to do lunch & learn events and other live events with their customers and prospects.  It is also uniquely designed for companies selling technology – security products and services, managed services, and technologies that lend themselves to improving a company’s operational efficiencies – such as BOYD, collaboration, cloud, mobility, etc.

After over 25 years of attending, organizing, or speaking at these types of events, I’ve compiled all kinds of lessons and strategies to guide you through the process of attracting the right audiences, finding the right speakers, focusing on the right topics, and offering something to move your attendees to the next step.

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of setting up an event like this – why not set it up with success and follow-on business in mind?

You can read more and save on this package right here – but only for a limited time… (CLICK).

In it you’ll find over 6 hours of audio teaching, step by step instructions in my 100+ page field guide, a quick reference guide,…and for a limited time, a special bonus audio program on building your managed services business…plus a FREE introductory membership to my Insider’s Circle Group…

Here’s the link to learn more…

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