Working with Security Sales People In Florida

photoLast week, after a great meeting with business leaders at the Protected Trust headquarters in Winter Haven, FL, I had the pleasure of working with the sales team on security concepts and how best to introduce complex technology to a business leader.

This was funny – make sure you visit my blog page to view the picture on this post.  It might be hard to see, but this is a graph assembled by the marketing team with my face on it… over the past several weeks the sales team held a contest to see how many people would attend their educational event.  For each set of attendees, the rep would get a card with my face on – a STELZL…I thought it was hilarious.

If you have never tried the Protected Trust email security applications – it’s just one of the great tools these guys have put together to make sure your data is secure.  I’ve used this on numerous email exchanges, as well as to transmit large files, too big for my email service.  Follow the link and check it out.

This week I am headed to the mountains with my 13 year old son – we’re going to hit several high-peaks in the Adirondacks, starting Sunday night the 1st – so by the time you are reading this, we should be far enough into the wilderness to be completely out of range of all technology communication other than the SAT. phone we carry in case of an emergency (I’m hoping we won’t even turn the thing on.)  Hopefully I’ll come back with some great pictures before heading up to some meetings in Chicago the following week – which should bring me to a total of 100,000 airline miles in 2013!

© 2013, David Stelzl


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