100% of the Business Leaders Agree It’s Time To Assess!

Trump Building
Trump Building

Yesterday’s educational security event, just north of Chicago, was a great success. I am grateful to those who sponsored and hosted the event – McAfee, HP, and FireEye all had representatives there, along with the owners and directors of Paragon Micro, a nationwide integrator and reseller headquartered here.  This meeting was set up to explore the trends of information security and share with business leaders what steps to take in order to defend a company’s key assets in the coming 12 months.  Around 20 business leaders attended – most either presidents or CIOs of mid-market companies in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

At the end of my presentation, Jeff Reimer, president of Paragon Micro offered up a complementary assessment – from my count, every single attendee agreed it was time!  Over the next few weeks these companies will be taking one of the most important steps needed to stop more government security regulations (and more data misuse and theft) – that of assessing and fixing the things that end up on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.  At the same time, Paragon Micro has an opportunity to bring a valuable service to these companies – one that most of them really need right now.  It’s a critical time in IT as threats from all fronts threaten to steal data, disrupt production, and destroy brands.  Next week I will be sharing some similar things with law firms the central Florida regions.  But not before heading back to Charlotte for a relaxing weekend…

© 2013, David Stelzl


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