Pizza in Kentucky

IMG_1710Heading to a conference in Ohio this week – we had a chance to stop in at The Creation Museum with the family.  The meal to order here is the pizza – just my opinion.  It’s not like NY Pizza – much thicker, spongier crust, and if you look closely, you’ll notice some orange cheese sprinkled on the top.  Why do people west of NY insist on putting orange cheeses (such as cheddar), on a pizza?

The good news – the sauce was good, and there’s enough sauce to give it some flavor.  It has a sweet flavor to it, kind of like a Papa Johns Pizza.  In fact it reminded me of a Papa John’s pizza – so I would classify this as a fast food pizza.  I’m sure they don’t have pizza ovens at this place, so chances are they cooked it on the conveyor belt, or possibly in the convection oven.  This is not how a pizza should be baked – either go with the high temp pizza oven or brick oven for a more authentic taste.

My son ordered the personal size, which seems big enough for me, but probably not for a growing teenage son.  The pepperoni was plentiful and tasty – over all, not a bad deal.

© 2013, David Stelzl


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