Chinese Government Directed Attacks, Is This Real? – Important Sound Bites

Important Sound Bites…. (Based on the Mandiant Report)

  • “When they hack into a system, they do have the ability to crush the system…I think they’re there to steal the data.”
  • “If the mission were to change, they [Chinese Hackers] do have all the tools in place to destroy…”
  • “Chinese military unit 61398, believed to be behind the theft of hundreds of terabytes of information from 141 organizations primarily in the United States.” – SC Magazine
  • APT1: “Mandiant named the group APT1 –…it is only one of dozens of advanced persistent threat (APT) groups with China-based operations that the firm tracks.
  • “Industries targeted by APT1 also “match industries that China has identified as strategic to their growth, including four of the seven strategic emerging industries that China identified in its 12th Five Year Plan.” – Homeland Security Digital Library.  – Reports show that this has been going on for 12 years, and that 12 major industries are targeted in these attacks.
  • What does APT1 Consist of?   “The size of APT1’s infrastructure indicates that hundreds, and possibly thousands, of people work for this group, including linguists, open source researchers, malware authors, industry experts who translate task requests from requestors to the operators, and people who then transmit stolen information to the requestors.” – Homeland Security Digital

Executive Summary Report – scroll halfway down this linked page to read dozens of findings concerning the involvement of the “2nd Bureau of the People’s Liberation army (PLa) General staff Department’s (GsD) 3rd Department (总参三部二局), which is most commonly known by its Military unit Cover Designator (MuCD) as unit 61398 (61398部队).”

© 2013, David Stelzl




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