Become a Customer Company

Are you watching  Marc Benioff’s “Become a Customer Company” videos on YouTube are impressive…of course, being a SFDC user, I feel somewhat loyal to what he’s promoting, but it’s bigger than that.  Whenever I fly, shop, eat out, or contact a customer service rep, I am thinking about customer experience.  I get tons of feedback requests, but so often, no matter what I write, good or bad, there’s no response.  It’s like, no one is actually reading my input.  Watch this video and look at what SF (and other customer focused companies) is thinking about…it’s not about your product anymore.  Maybe it never was….

© 2013, David Stelzl


One thought on “Become a Customer Company

  1. Interesting Video – Definitely something to “think” (and pray) about – given the electronic era we live in…constant connections and availability can be good or not so good – depending on how it’s used and what it’s used for.

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