Don’t Look to Your Doctor For Business Advice!

imagesI just returned from a doctors appointment – as usual I brought one of my kids with me.  It’s always an educational experience.  Sometimes there’s a biology lesson, other times we get some health insight. Today was more of a business lesson.  Several things we can learn not to do in our business…

1. Don’t make your clients wait on you with absolutely no explanation other than, we’re backed up…and no apology.

2. Don’t make a diagnosis and charge your client a fortune, only to have them discover you were wrong, and then charge them again, to try something new.  Again – without any real explanation or apology.

3. Don’t let grumpy people handle the front desk – making your clients sign in without any real acknowledgment or expression of gratefulness that they’ve chosen to do business with you.

4. Don’t speak to your clients in some foreign jargon, assuming they don’t really need to know anything other than, what to take – doctor’s orders.5. Don’t assume your clients have unlimited money or that they don’t care what the cost is – even if some other funding such as insurance is covering the bill.  (Note: We all pay for insurance in some way or another – it’s not free money).I could go on…but today’s lesson at the Doctors office will likely make my son a better business man in the future.  Hopefully his clients won’t have to deal with this kind of aggravation.© 2013, David Stelzl


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