Accuvant’s National Kick-off Meeting In Denver

IMG_1061Yesterday I spoke to Accuvant’s sales organization, sharing with them areas for growth and opportunity in the coming year.  An article I read from the Wall Street Journal before taking the stage summarizes the need – A Transformative Time for Companies – and Their CIOs.  In summary, CIOs are suddenly central to every major business decision…this is our time to move higher into the accounts we call on.  But be prepared when you get there to offer significant value at the business level.

I also asked for a raise of hands on whose clients are talking about big data – this is a great question to ask your sales team.  Those who don’t raise their hands are giving themselves away – they are are stuck at the IT level, because IT people are the only ones not talking about big data (at least in the larger accounts).  An interesting way to segment an audience…

You can see from the picture above, I was also able to join in the fun – in the afternoon we did one of the best team-building exercises I’ve ever been a part of.  We constructed over 30 miniature golf holes and then played 9 of them. These courses were constructed from non-perishable food items and then donated to the food bank.  We also raised over $1700 in donations from those who participated.  In the picture you can see the amazing hole my team constructed.  I made the sign….

© 2013, David Stelzl


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