Another One Day Sales Cycle – It’s a Recipe, Not a Numbers Game

IMG_0993It’s a recipe – not a numbers game.  (But wait!  Notice the picture on the left – somehow Hilton decided to select me as their guest of the day.  Little do they know, I’m a devout Marriott Elite customer – but the service here was excellent).  Last night I received a call from one of my clients – in one day he closed a new client deal for managed services! How?  He was so excited, he called me just to share the excitement.

It’s the conversion process I outlined in yesterday’s video blog post.  There’s some event – this can be anything that leads to an assessment.  I like 1-to-many events because they’re efficient, but it can be something one-on-one. It must be educational.  It leads the prospect to want to at least take a look.

Then there’s “Creating the urgency”.  This can’t be FFUD (fabricated fear, uncertainty, and doubt) – it must be real.  Usually, if you look closely at the business, in the security space, there is an urgent issue.  A high percentage of the companies you call on have a serious problem they don’t know about.  My client’s SE found it – they were running critical applications and their back up solution was failing.

Converting the next step – to fee based business, is a matter of persuasion; guiding truth around other’s mental road blocks.  My client executed on this flawlessly – the result…contract in hand…master the recipe and grow your value – this leads to business growth.

© 2013, David Stelzl


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