Kicking Off The New Year w/ A Strong Pipeline

On StageIf you timed your events at the end of the year, you should be starting 2013 with new business in January.  I just got off the phone with one of my clients in the mid west who did just that.  At the end of November they held their executive facing event.  We worked on the invitation process, invited CIO level attendees – mostly new prospects, and came prepared with a compelling offering as a next step.

The meeting topic focused the CIOs on the future of IT, transformational technology, and what these technology leaders will need to look like if they are to remain relevant in the coming year.  The event was so successful that 100% of the attendees signed up for a follow up strategy session.  One new prospect went through the strategy session in December, signed off on several projects, and introduced the hosting reseller to several other firms where this same message will be presented in the coming weeks.   The sales cycle was about two weeks…not bad for a new prospect in the mid-market.

In summary here’s what we did…

1. Scheduled the event for a C-Level audience…it was invitation only.

2. We refined – but used the same presentation we’ve been using.  We’re perfecting, not reinventing the wheel.

3. Prepared the compelling offer – in this case a strategy session that was worth paying for- but offered it as a complementary meeting.  My client can do this because, when done well, it will lead to more business.

4. Delivered enough value to earn an immediate contract and a referral – actually, several referrals.

Make sure you have a marketing plan in place for 2013!  If you’ve not read my book on Event Marketing, you can get it right here!

© David Stelzl


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