Kicking off January 2013 with Making Money w/ Security!

lockHopefully you’re 2013 planning is underway and you are gearing up for a great New Year!  I realize there is still business to take care of in December, and if your month is anything like mine, it’s busy.   But don’t neglect your planning time.  None of us can afford to just enter into the New Year without a plan.

While you’re at it, add training to your plan.  Remember, great athletes train all year, almost every day, just to play a few games.  On the other hand, most sales people play every day and train one or two days each year.  If you don’t count product training, most probably don’t do any training (And I don’t count product training as sales training).

This year I am kicking off 2013 with an online Making Money w/ Security workshop.  We already have a fantastic group signed up (with over 20 people).  Don’t miss this opportunity to set your course in the right direction before business gets busy. You can read more right here: – take advantage of early sign-up discounts, and if you are a mentor alumni, your tuition is nearly free!

You can get a free copy of the House & the Cloud; a great way to get familiar with this program, right here! (Click)

© 2013, David Stelzl


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