Lorenzo’s Pizza in Ballantyne – Charlotte NC.

If you’ve followed my pizza posts – you know I like pizza, and you know I don’t like most of the pizza in Charlotte – my home town for the past 24 years!  But, things have changed.  My wife recently came across Lorenzo‘s in Ballantyne, and what a surprise!

I find it amusing to read comments from other patrons.  When I visit other states I often find that people raised outside of NY don’t necessarily like NY pizza.  For me it’s the standard by which all pizza should be measured (I am speaking of Manhattan, NY here).  That is unless you we are talking about Chicago style pizza, which is good, but which is a whole different category of pizza.

One person writes, “The crust doesn’t seem to be completely cooked – it bends!”  If you come from NY you know why this is funny.  If not, you might actually think this is a problem – for instance, those who like Donatos, Ohio style pizza (if there is such a thing).  Those from NY (and those who like real pizza) consistently (and correctly) give this place a five star rating.

We ordered a regular pie and one with Sausage and mushrooms.  It’s important to taste the pizza without toppings before you rate it.  If it needs toppings, it’s not good pizza.  Once you know it is good, it is fine to add your favorites.  Italian sausage ranks high on my list of pizza toppings.

It’s just like eating at Pronto pizza as far as I’m concerned, or maybe Ray’s Original (which one?).  The crust folds like it should, the sauce has just the right sweetness, and the cheese mixture is perfect.  They serve an 18 inch pie like any NY pizza parlor would (why do these chain pizza places down here insist that a large pie is 14 inches?).  We topped off our meal with freshly filled cannolies…I highly recommend eating here next time you visit Charlotte – and for those who are attending next week’s Business Planning and Strategy Meeting, guess what?  Yes, we are having lunch at Lorenzo’s on Saturday.

© 2012, David Stelzl


2 thoughts on “Lorenzo’s Pizza in Ballantyne – Charlotte NC.

  1. Dave: you rate and taste your pizza like it’s a fine wine! A very sophisticated process.
    BTW: did they hang plastic on the wall to protect the place from your family’s onslaught?

    1. The plastic in the picture is the shelter they put up on their outdoor seating in cold weather…of course, this does clean up well after feeding a family of 9! Most of our food went right to our stomachs…

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