Cincinnati Pizza at Deweys

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking to business leaders in Cincinnati, Ohio, on cybercrime trends and my top data security concerns as we approach 2013.  But first,I had to sample the Ohio pizza.

Before today, I thought of Donato’s as the official Ohio pizza – perhaps it is.  Some one from Ohio please comment….

This pizza is nothing like Donato’s.  This crust was thicker, softer, and the pizza cheesier.  It’s not like New York Pizza…the crust is too spongy.   Being so close to Chicago, I might have expected it to be like the thin crust you’d get at Gino’s East – but this isn’t like that either.

The sauce was sweet, which I like, but the sausage was too thick to be pizza sausage (even though it did have Italian spices in it.)  The cheese mixture was pretty good…mostly mozzarella, and definitely no cheddar added (whew).

Bottom line – It was far better than a frozen pizza, but not like a hand tossed New York Pizza.  It was closer to a Papa John’s pizza, which I consider to be fast food pizza.  However, I think this one was done in a real pizza oven.  I would take it over Donato’s any day…I’d give it a 5 or 6 on a 10 point scale.

Before moving on it, it is important to note that the service was great.  The people were friendly, the restaurant was clean, and yes, I would eat there again.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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