Event Marketing – The Book and Audio Are Here!

Friday we completed day three of the Event Marketing workshop!  It was a packed three days – a great group, and I believe we covered a lot of ground.  As promised, I did complete the book, Event Marketing, 7 Steps to Profitability Using Lunch & Learns and Sales Events.  I also completed my editing of the audio files from the class on Monday…

The Book

Here is how you can get the book…it’s just $9.99 and only available on my digital download site right now…



The Workshop – Audio Files

You can also get the entire 6 hour audio program from the workshop.  If you order now, you’ll receive the ebook with it!  Here’s the link.


Next, I’ll be conducting an actual event using these principles, on Thursday this week.  If you’ve been reading the Wall Street Journal over the past several days you know that security has been in the news with several major attacks coming from outside the US.  In particular, the US banks and infrastructure are under attack.  Much of this seems to be rooted in Iran’s response to Stuxnet and other irritations they associate with the US.  We’ve also seen some large scale attacks on a large Florida university, compromising hundreds of identities.  Keep your eyes on what is happening out there – your clients will thank you for it.  In the mean time, be sure to read through and listen to these materials on Events.  I look forward to your feed back.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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