Ingram Micro Webinar Replay: Undeniable Justification

Thanks again to Ingram Micro for their sponsorship and help in setting up this week’s webinar on Creating Undeniable Justification through the Security Assessment Process.  This material comes at a time when companies across the board are failing to take the necessary steps to secure their sensitive data – make sure your clients understand the risk and are taking the right steps.  This link will take you to the 50 minute Webex recording on the Ingram Micro website.  You’ll be asked to register before watching it, but I think you’ll find the material very worthwhile.

Here is the link (CLICK) the replay yesterday’s webinar!

Also, two important resources I announced during this event.
1. First, make sure you have a copy of my book, The House & the Cloud (CLICK).  You can request it FREE in PDF format right here.

2. Second, I am cleaning out my storage closet to make room for new products, and am practically giving away my 4 part Stelzl Security Library (CLICK).  This includes:

  • The House & the Cloud (Paperback version)
  • Data@Risk – a very nice hardcover that provides the House & the Cloud discussion in a customer facing format.
  • Selling Security in The Board Room – a 60 Minute live classroom session where you’ll learn exactly how to share the House & the Cloud model with your executive level clients.
  • Threats and Trends – a live classroom session discussing cybercrime history, trends, and futures.

I only have a few of these sets left after the Ingram Micro webinar, so get them while they last!

© 2012, David Stelzl



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