Several Things Happening This Week

It’s September 24th and a busy week has already started.  I am back from my Milwaukee travels, and hitting the ground running.  Don’t miss some of these important announcements:

1. First, you will want to make sure you are signed up for tomorrow’s webinar on Event Marketing.  This is the Pre-Event I have been talking about for several weeks now, introducing my new eBook and Workshop:  Event Marketing, 7 Secrets to Profitability Using Lunch & Learns and Sales Events.  It’s sold out, but get on the waiting list and watch for your notification email if a seat becomes available.

2. Then Wednesday, you can join Ingram Micro sponsoring my session on Security Assessments – Creating Undeniable Justification!  It’s online and I believe you can still get a seat for this one.

3. My new workshop kicks off in a couple of weeks – The Event Marketing Workshop.  You’ll get a free copy of the new eBook, and have three 2 hour sessions plus a one hour coaching session to apply these workshop concepts to your business.  I’ve priced this one so that everyone can attend, and am offering a 30% discount through the end of this week!  Sign up here!

4. My new book will be released along with the new workshop…Event Marketing, 7 Secrets to Profitability.  You’ll be able to pre-order this book shortly, so stay tuned.  It’s under 100 pages, and full of step by step instructions on exactly how to set up executive level events, gain sponsorship, get the people you want to the meeting, and follow up – it’s a proven process and it works.

© 2012, David Stelzl


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