Announcing the Marketing Event Workshop!

My Next Workshop

I mentioned last week that I was in the final stages of editing my new ebook, Event Marketing: 7 Steps to Profitability Using Lunch & Learns and Sales Events…I have also been working on a companion course which I am looking to schedule the week of Oct 8th (Online). As a special bonus, I will be doing a complementary session sometime at the end of this month.  Why am I doing this?

The Problem With Lunch & Learns

Resellers have been doing Lunch & Learns for years – I am sure you have done  at least one of these.  If you’ve been in this industry very long, you have probably been to dozens.  I know there is some benefit to getting your name out, inviting your clients, and hopefully attracting a few more as prospects.  It can’t hurt.   I see road shows covering several cities, with 100 – 150 people attending across the program, and I think, “This could be good.”  But then I ask the big question – “What was your conversion rate?”  At this point I have disconnected with the person I am talking to – “What is a conversion rate?”

Conversion rate refers to the number of attendees that were not buying; who are now suddenly buying, just because they went to your event.  Are you getting back as much as you should be?  This workshop is geared to one kind of person – the marketing or sales professional who wants to maximize the potential marketing power of every JMF (Joint Marketing Funds) dollar that comes their way!  If you are getting some business, you can get more.  If you don’t see much at all from your events, I can drastically change that. Here are a few of the topics I will be covering:

  1. Re-engineering the event – a look at how to measure and maximize conversion rates.
  2. Effective event planning – writing the marcom, raising money, and every detail affecting the outcome.
  3. Marketing your event – who to reach, how to reach them, and even what to say by mail and phone.
  4. Topics & Speakers that work.
  5. Creating your conversion offer – exactly what to offer your audience in order to take them to the next step.
  6. Conducting the Event – I’ll give you every step you need, including the schedule to follow.  It’s a formula that works every time.
  7. The Follow Up Plan – exactly how to follow up, and how to multiply the number of deals that come out of a single event.

If you are trying to build a bigger territory, trying to reach higher level people in your accounts, and trying to shorten sales cycles, this workshop is for you.  I am working on the logistics this week and will be announcing them shortly.  Make sure you are subscribed to my blog and twitter – dstelzl – to receive updates on the complementary session and early discount sign-up.  I know there is a better way to sell – cold calling is dead in my opinion, and wasting a lot of people’s time.

As part of this you will receive the book I am just now finishing, and if you can’t make every session, I will be recording it for you!

© 2012, David Stelzl



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